11:24pm April 23, 2014

So I wanted to cut my hair, but now I’m reconsidering. Any opinions, tumblr?

10:54pm April 23, 2014
10:52pm April 23, 2014



My therapist asked me to create something “motivating” so I made these.


I really love these, and I reblog them every single time. Some of you don’t realize how easy it’s to forget to do some of those stuff or how hard they can be some days.

10:51pm April 23, 2014


wouldn’t it be frightening if you walked into a room and suddenly boss battle type music started playing out of nowhere

10:48pm April 23, 2014
10:47pm April 23, 2014

“We now know that 24 hours without sleep, or a week of sleeping four or five hours a night induces an impairment equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .1 percent. We would never say, ‘This person is a great worker! He’s drunk all the time!’ yet we continue to celebrate people who sacrifice sleep for work.”


Insights from the doctor who coaches athletes on sleep. Pair with the science of what actually happens while you sleep and how it affects your every waking hour.

More on sleep here.

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10:46pm April 23, 2014

“They’re like, 12”

—  The correct way to refer to anyone younger than you (via guy)
10:42pm April 23, 2014


Animals getting help from people.

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I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

I support breastfeeding all the way, even if it is in public.

And the award winning one:

10:39pm April 23, 2014

yes m8


yes m8

10:39pm April 23, 2014

I was so happy last weekend so that explains all the pictures I’ve been uploading 🍄


I was so happy last weekend so that explains all the pictures I’ve been uploading 🍄

10:38pm April 23, 2014


I support thick thighs

10:34pm April 23, 2014


Friday needs to hurry up and get here.